Families uniting to raise wages and achieve justice on all fronts. Learn why.


I pledge my support for the Fight for $15 Agenda in 2016. YES!

Young people are rising to the occasion and creating change

Continuing the movement towards a more just society with SEIU Rise

We Won’t Have Economic Justice Without Racial Justice

We are on a journey to end anti-Black racism

Nurses Week 2016: Celebrating heroes of healthcare

Nurses are the heroes of healthcare

The Fight for $15 is a global movement

We’re on our way to empower 64 million Americans

Our voice is being heard in the Fight for $15

It's time to raise the wage floor for all nursing home workers

SEIU members, Flint residents demand answers to water crisis

The families of Flint are standing up to Gov. Snyder for a better tomorrow

Why I support Hillary Clinton’s vision for a healthier America

Florida RN wants young patients to live long, healthy lives, pursue big dreams

Janitors Join Women Worldwide on International Women's Day

Thousands flood streets to fight for fair pay

If there's no retirement crisis, then why are so many older women poor?

Some political ideologues claim there's no retirement crisis, but women know better.

Duke faculty file to join SEIU Faculty Forward

By triggering a union election, they are taking an important step in joining a national movement

SEIU 2016 International Convention

Sunday, May 22 - Tuesday, May 24

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Stories in VA

I joined the fight to stop voter discrimination.

Traveling to North Carolina to March for Voting Rights.

130,000 janitors, 33 markets, 1 big goal

We're raising America with good jobs

Local Tweets in VA

National Assoc of Government Employees

SEIU Local 32BJ

SEIU Virginia 512