About Us

Welcome to Purple Ocean.

We are in a very important transitional state in global history. The world economy is transitioning into a technology and service based economy and the underdeveloped nations of the world are embracing industrialisation as never before.

As a result, our fragile environment is under monumental strain as the ‘have nots’ seek to implement the technology that has given the developed world the economic advantages it has traditionally enjoyed since the British, and later the Americans colonised the globe.

Purple Ocean is a global affiliation of activists and visionaries interested in engaging in conversations that will enable this transitional state to result in the evolution of a socially just and environmentally sustainable future for all.

We have a particular interest in the rights of workers and small business people, and the development of economically and environmentally sustainable global industries that respect the rights of all, (including plants and animals) so that the products of our economic growth are a diverse and thriving economy that respects the natural environment, and produces real advances in the standards of living – not just the growth of our GDP!


The simple traditional adversarial relationship between workers and business is not going to cut it as we ask ourselves the important questions and engage in meaningful conversation around the issues of how humanity will adjust to the technological advances that we are in the midst of.

To do this, now, more than ever before, we need to question what best practices are and cast a critical eye over the advances bought about by technology and ask ourselves, does this create a positive difference for everyone, rather than widening the gap between the haves and have nots.

So Purple Ocean is not a traditional socialist or working class versus the entrepreneur & capital organisation. We want to foster discussion around ways that business can benefit from educating and empowering their workforce. We are also interested in environmental sustainability because we believe that by working together, with an emphasis on fairness and equity, business and wage earners can co-operate in ways that improve the quality of life for everyone, rather than the few.