You Don’t Have To Be Tired!

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If you are finding yourself saying ‘I am sick and tired of…..’ a lot, have you noticed that you are getting sicker and tireder… that those symptoms aren’t disappearing the more you say it? That’s because when we say ‘I am sick and tired of…..’ that’s what we are creating. More of the same!

Or maybe your favourite phrase is ‘I’m too tired to….’ Whatever it is, you can be sure that if you are talking about being tired, that’s what you are creating.

Why am I writing about this? Because two clients have asked me in the last 24 hours: ‘How is it you don’t get tired when you work with lots of people?’ At the end of my three-day event, I was still like the energizer bunny! And I am an introvert, so technically this should not be possible, except that it is!!

So, here are a few of my secrets… I work a lot. I love it. And there are moments when I’m tired. Moments, and sometimes an hour or so. Not days, or weeks or months. I used to have burnout. I know exactly what intensive tiredness feels like. And I know what exhaustion is too. And I’m just not willing to have that be part of my life anymore. So I work in a flow that not only works for me mentally, but physically as well.

Get Enough Sleep

Note I am not saying ‘get 8 hours of sleep’. It says get ENOUGH sleep. I can go for weeks or months on 4 – 5 hours sleep a night. With ease. And right now, my body needs about 9 – 10 hours a night to feel good. The number of hours is always changing. When my body tells me it’s different, my sleep patterns change.

What is different about this from me to most people is that I don’t have a number that is ‘right’. The number of hours of sleep that is right for me is the number that makes me feel great. Today. It’s not a number that is relevant to any research or any study. How could anyone else possibly know my body better than me? And when I choose to go with what my body tells me, we are both happy. And there’s lots of energy to play with!

Quit With The Expectations

Have you noticed that the more you (or others) expect of you, the more you feel you need to deliver and the tireder you become? When you remove the expectations and just be with ‘what is’ you can start to unravel what’s actually possible.

Many times in my career I have given my bosses some variation of choice that would work for me: “You can have this or this… or all of it with more time, what would you like to choose?” Allow someone else to assist with the priorities. And if you work for yourself, find a good sounding board.

Know What Energises You

For me, sitting in the sun for a while pours lots of vitamin D goodness in where it’s needed. When I add a little time playing with horses or watching clouds go by, I receive even more space. It can also be laughing with friends, a house-cleaner, or a few nutritious meals in the freezer… anything that makes your life easier and gives you energy!

What is it that creates space and energy for you? Those are the elements you need to make a priority. And sometimes you just have to take a ‘joyful living’ day – some people call them mental health days… I prefer to allow myself to have a really really good time on those days. Guilt-free time off from your business is essential!

Can you imagine how much more would be possible if you weren’t tired anymore?


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