Building valuable leadership qualities in your team

In business, leadership qualities are extremely important, and they are needed at every level. If you have a team working with you, it’s your responsibility to nurture each and every member of that team and to impart leadership skill in them so that they have a deeper appreciation of their responsibilities at work. A good team is one where everyone takes their roles seriously, shows initiative, and is driven to succeed. In other words, it’s a team where everyone has the qualities of a leader.

Before you can nurture your team’s leadership skills, you need to make sure that you master your own. In order to perfect your own leadership qualities, you should listen to your team, adhere to a set of morals and values, and seek help from experienced professionals such as business coaches. You can also polish your leadership qualities by teaching them to your employees. Learn more about being the leader your business needs by reading this article.

So, how do you build valuable leadership qualities in your team? Read the following five key areas to work on to help increase your teams leadership capabilities.

Nurture their networking skills

Networking skills are extremely important in today’s interconnected business world. Many business coaches tell young entrepreneurs that their network is their net worth, but that’s also true for upcoming leaders within organisations. When teaching your team to network, you should start small. Have them interact first with each other during company events and after-work hangouts. Encourage them to chat-up colleagues from different departments within the company, and discourage them from falling into familiar or comfortable clusters. After they’ve built networks within the company, help them expand their circles outside. You can bring some of them along for networking events with industry players outside the company or even with members of the community. As you grow more confident with their progress, you can send them to represent you in some meetings or events.

Start mentorship programs

In a smaller organisation, you can mentor your employees directly. In larger organisations with bigger teams, you can assign senior or more experienced employees to mentor their junior colleagues. Employees can learn leadership qualities much faster if they are able to benefit from the experience of their bosses. It may be difficult to find large blocks of time to carry out one-on-one conversations with your team members, so seize on every opportunity you can get to give them useful insights, professional advice, and encouragement. Mentorship programs are invaluable tools when it comes to bringing new team members up to speed and helping them assimilate. Mentoring has also been known to boost morale, increase teamwork and productivity, and boost employee performance.

Inspire them by leading by example

“high ethical and moral standards” were rated the most important qualities according to a survey of 195 global leaders. A leader with high ethical standards conveys a commitment to fairness, instilling confidence that both they and their employees will honor the rules of the game.

Team members in the workplace tend to mirror their leaders. That means that the best way to transfer leadership qualities onto your team is by practicing those qualities in their presence. If you display professionalism, your team will take their cue from you and act professionally. If you show that you are committed to success, your team will be just as committed. Similarly, if you are confident and respectful, they’ll also learn how to display confidence and treat their colleagues with respect. Your team will notice if there is a disconnect between what you tell them to do and what you are doing, and they’ll never take your leadership lessons to heart if you come across as a hypocrite.

Encourage them to have an ownership mentality

Employees are more motivated to act as leaders if they feel that you value and trust them and that their contributions to the organisation have a meaningful impact. You should involve your team members when it comes to decision making, and you should give them the leeway to make certain moves without having to run them by you. Allow them to come up with new ideas or to work on their own side projects that may contribute to the success of the company. If your employees have an ownership mentality, they’ll feel empowered to take bold steps that will be good for the company. As for you, in case you have to be away for any reason, you can always be confident that things won’t grind to a halt.

Give them room to grow

Finally, to build valuable leadership qualities in your team, you have to let them grow. Instead of immediately stepping in and taking over whenever they are stuck, you should provide them with the resources that they need and let them battle it out on their own. Allow your team members to take on more responsibilities as time goes by. Teach them to trust their own instincts, because that’s what they need to do to grow as leaders.


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