3 Essential Skills Top Business Managers Must Have

Management skills involve leadership competencies in a variety of areas. These skills will effectively influence the actions of others in your team and ultimately help you achieve your business goals.

It is normal for large organizations to have business management coaching programs that train and equip managers with the skills needed for operations. These organizations usually have the resources that can be used to develop employee competencies.

However, smaller organizations most times don’t have these resources. They have to identify desired competencies and organize the right training options for managers and supervisors.

3 Essential Skills Top Business Managers Must Have

There are some key skills needed for effective business management. Some come naturally to managers, while others need to be learned and practiced.


1. Decision Making

The ability to assess and resolve issues is critical for effective business management. In a small business, information usually requires quick action. Making the right decision fast (without an erroneous judgment call) means evaluating information and sifting through what is important and what isn’t.

Top managers don’t look at a situation over and over. They take decisive action – right or wrong – based on their experience on the job and with the objectives of the business in mind.


2. Ability to Manage Change

Proactive managers are usually aware of the entire working process of their company. This allows them to carry out tasks in a simplified and almost mechanical manner. But what about change? How do they function when faced with managing change in a business world that is constantly evolving?

As they say, “the only thing that remains constant in life is change”. Truth is that change can occur suddenly and unexpectedly. Being a good manager is when you can adapt to this change and create flexible processes in place to handle the unexpected.

When faced with obstacles, you should have the ability to react quickly. If positive or negative events require a change in your scope of work, you should be proactive and make the right decisions for your team and company.

In today’s business world, managing change is one of the key skills that managers MUST learn. With innovative new technologies and competitors, they have to be prepared to make tough decisions that will take their business forward.


3. Effective Communication

Without great communication, your business management skills will fall flat on its face. Only a small fraction of business communication is verbal.

Your body language, tone of voice and facial expressions all unite with your spoken words to convey the right message. Top managers acquire the knowledge and abilities that help them communicate effectively.

One of these abilities is their listening skills. Smartphone switched off, eyes focused on a person or team. Basically, hearing rather than speaking are some techniques that will help you be a better listener.

Managers should be able to interact easily in every situation whether formal or informal. Learning to communicate productively via all channels (phone, chat, email, video, etc.) is a good way of improving your communication skills.

When a manager has these 3 essential skills, they can receive information from multiple sources and make actionable decisions. They can adapt to change as it occurs and communicate fluently with their employees. Basically, these essential management skills will help the business crush its bottom line with ease.


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